Le Rêveur 🌼

IT 123

Laboratory Project #1 

(Personalized Magazine Cover)

Step 1: Create a New Image.

For this project, download a sample magazine cover from Google – this will serve as your guide in making your own magazine cover. Select your best photo you will use as the model of your cover. Download all necessary photo (.png) for your ideal theme.good_and_evil_angel_wings_png_by_thy_darkest_hour-d49rc1ybookland-sample



Open Gimp and click File -> New then set the Template to A4 (300ppi).


Step 2: Create your background.

Using the rectangle select tool, select the half part of the background.


Using the Bucket Fill Tool, fill the selected portion with the color (0a0a0c). To fill the other half, click Select -> Invert and fill with the color (f5f5f3).


Step 3: Cut image.

Go to the layer pallet and right click the layer of your picture then select Add Alpha Channel. Using the Paths Tool, you need to create a path around your whole body. Later we will convert this path to selection.


After creating the path with the shape of your whole body, go to Select -> From Path. You will see the selection then go to Select -> Invert. Hit delete. This would be the result:


Step 4: Customizing your wings.

Drag your wings.png to your gimp. Scale to resize the image using the Scale Tool and reposition using the Move Tool.


To apply some effects, go to Colors -> Threshold then experiment with the effect until you’re satisfied with the outcome.


Step 5: Customizing your picture.

Go to Colors -> Colorize and set the Hue, Saturation and Lightness to 360, 100 and 100. You will get the white outcome of the picture. We will use both white and blacked out outcome of the picture. To do this, duplicate the original photo twice. To black out the picture, repeat the process of how you whiten it except with the different setting of the HSL (0, 0, -100).


Apply Threshold to the other duplicate of the original photo. This will be the fourth layer of the original.


Drag the original photo on the top of all the layers.


Step 6: Adding Texts

Using the Text Tool, set the color to any bright color for you to easily see the text. I used the color (f7f927) for this title text. You will do some rotating, scaling and repositioning.


Using the Rectangle Selection Tool, select the half of the title text which is part of the black half of the background. Fill with the color (f5f5f3).


Repeat the process on the other half of the text and fill with the color (0a0a0c).


Add some other texts.


In this text, we will add some shadows. This is to avoid the text to blend with the background. Go to Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Drop Shadow. Repeat 2-3 times.


Step 7: Skin Blemishing

Blemish your face using the Smudge Tool.


Step 8: Merge Layers

Merge the four layers you made in Step 5. Drag your barcode photo to your gimp, resize and reposition. Click File -> Export As… and save the file as .jpeg.


And you’re done.